Dr. Faheem Chishti Dr. Riaz Bhutta

Lab.'s Profile

  • Lab. was founded in June 1990. It was inaugurated by Dr. Abdul Hameed Chughtai
    So we have more than 20 years of experience.
  • Lab. is run by Pathologist: Dr. Mohammad Faheem Chishti who is graduate
    from King Edward Medical College Lahore in 1986. and postgraduate(DCP) from
    Nishtar Medical College Multan in 1992. under the kind guidance of
    Prof. Dr. Riaz Bhutta (My Worthy Teacher).
  • Lab. is equipped with the state of the art technology Equipment.
  • Lab. is Staffed with well qualified and highly trained personnel.
  • Multi-national power company KAPCO is having contract with the Lab. for providing
    services since 1997.
  • Other National and Multi-nationals organisations, companies and corporations
    like OGDCL,Natinal Bank Of Pakistan, State Life Insurance Company,
    Postal Life Insurance, EFU have contract with the Lab. for services.
  • You can now view your Lab. Report on line.
Lab.'s Interior View

Dr. Muhammad Faheem Chishti copyrighr 2013